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"Breakfast was fit for a king"

Updated: Jan 23

One of the things that OceanaBnB repeatedly hears from our guests are compliments about continental breakfasts. So many of our guests have been delighted by our breakfast garnishes of edible flowers and fresh herbs which have been organically grown on site

At OceanaBnB, we continually try to raise the bar on our breakfasts. We are consistently developing new breakfast items and delighting our guests with different breakfasts every day.

Mouthwatering Dishes and Artisanal Creations

”Breakfast was fit for a king, with a variety of fresh fruit, yoghurt, toast, cereals and spreads. Served with freshly brewed coffee. My favourite was the poached pears.”

Keith, TripAdvisor, September 2019

” A lot of people have commented on the breakfast, will only add it’s amazing. The fresh product and the presentation of the food is comparable to a 5 star hotel.”

Anjul,, March 2021

Delightful Array of Delicacies with Oceana B&B

We built our breakfast menu by testing new dishes and choosing the most appealing to add to our breakfast menu. Our days in Thailand were etched into our memory by the wonderful breakfast pears infused with ginger and spices. Our version of this delicious poached pear/spice combination has become one of our signature dishes. On occasions when we have hosted Northern European guests, i.e. Swiss, German and Austrian, we have added a selection of cold cuts, rye bread, and cheeses to our breakfast offerings which have been extremely well received. Even returning guests will receive different variations of our menu, as we diarise what we give our guests and can review previous menus. Over time our breakfast menu has culminated in the unique selling proposition it is today

What is your favourite breakfast during your stay with us?

Let us know in the comment down below

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