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Reflecting on Positive Impact 2: Shaping the Future of Sustainable Tourism in Tasmania

Updated: Jan 11

Sustainable Tourism Tasmania Panel

IMAGE CREDIT: Alastair Bett Photography

Mid-August, Launceston, Tasmania played host to the exciting 2023 Positive Impact Tourism Conference, and what a remarkable two days it was! As part of the Tasmanian community, we at Oceana B&B were honoured to witness and contribute to the discussions, learnings, and celebrations of our industry's journey toward sustainable and outstanding tourism.

The Triumph Continues

A sequel to last year's success, Positive Impact 2 continued to set the benchmark for what tourism conferences should be. Building on last year's event, this sequel brought together 400 tourism and hospitality representatives from all over Tasmania and beyond, creating an atmosphere rich in ideas, enthusiasm, and shared purpose.

Highlights and Insights

Here's a brief glimpse of what made Positive Impact 2 so special:

A Comprehensive Agenda: From business workshops and masterclasses to inspirational speakers and engaging breakouts, the event's content was designed to resonate with both tourism veterans and newcomers.

Global Framework For Sustainability

IMAGE CREDIT: Alastair Bett Photography

TAMAR RAVE: The premier industry networking extravaganza that facilitated connections, friendships, and innovative collaborations.

Industry Networking Platforms

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New Vision for the Future: The launch of the 2030 Visitor Economy Strategy, a bold and ambitious roadmap developed in partnership between the Tasmanian government and TICT, outlines a vision for a visitor economy that positively impacts the environment and our way of life.

Future Tourism Plan

IMAGE CREDIT: Alastair Bett Photography

As supporters of sustainable tourism, we found the conference to be a source of inspiration and affirmation. Whether it was the update on the Tassie Tourism Ambassador Program or the special session on creating accessible experiences, there was something for every stakeholder in the industry.

We were also impressed by the continued emphasis on collaboration and community, highlighted by sessions on getting the balance right between tourism and local communities, and the futuristic insights from Australia's leading Futurist, Steve Sammartino.

A Heartfelt Thanks

The event culminated with a sense of optimism, determination, and excitement for the future of tourism in our extraordinary destination, Tasmania.

CEO. Tourism Tasmania Message

IMAGE CREDIT: Alastair Bett Photography

As we reflect on this remarkable event, we wish to share the heartfelt thanks and vision of Amy Hills, CEO of Tourism Industry Council Tasmania:

“Who can believe the Tasmanian Tourism Conference was a week ago?! Time really does fly by. On behalf of the TICT team, I’d like to thank everyone who attended and supported the Positive Impact 2 Conference. To have 400 tourism and hospitality representatives from all over our wonderful state descend on Launceston in the heart of winter, speaks volumes. The two-day event saw us further push the thinking on what truly sustainable and outstanding tourism means for our visitors, businesses, and those who call Tasmania home.

The Conference also coincided with the launch of the 2030 Visitor Economy Strategy – something which has been developed in partnership between the Tasmanian government and the TICT, on behalf of the tourism industry. It is bold and ambitious and sets out a shared vision that by 2030, we want our visitor economy to be valued by Tasmanians for its positive impact on the environment and our way of life.

The Conference takes an army of people working together to make it the best possible experience, and we have been blown away by all the positive feedback. We can’t wait for the 2024 Conference, and the TICT team looks forward to continuing to ensure the event remains relevant and beneficial for you for many more years to come!”

Team Tourism Tasmania

Best Dinning Experience

IMAGE CREDIT: Alastair Bett Photography

Oceana B&B: Embracing the Positive Impact

At Oceana B&B we continue on our journey towards a more sustainable and meaningful tourism industry. See you in 2024!

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