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The amazing Callington Mill Distillery

Updated: Jan 23

Iconic Callington Mill Distillery

Di & I recently visited the historic town of Oatlands which is an easy hour and a 1/4 drive on the Midlands Highway from Oceana B&B.

Oatlands is located on the shores of Lake Dulverton and is a beautiful historic town with a collection of 138 sandstone buildings, of which 87 are on the main street. It is rich in history with antiques, craft shops, a hotel with a home style cooking, bakery, pancake parlour, garden ornaments and more.

Our visit also took us to the historic Callington Mill which has now been turned into a distillery. We were so impressed with this amazing complex and the wonderful whisky and gin products we thought we would like to share this. Di took a particular liking to the Poltergeist gin.

Years went into the planning, construction, and commissioning. The distillery complex is situated in Oatlands, at the site of the iconic Callington flour mill, built in 1837 for two reasons, according to the distillery website: to legally grind flour and to illegally make whisky.

Callington Mill Distillery will distil both whisky and gin (legally) in the Tasmanian-made copper pot stills, with the new make to be matured in Tasmanian-coopered oak casks.

Not only are the whisky winning awards, but also there is an array of high-tech features that are state-of-the-art – making Callington Mill highly competitive globally.

The water from the stills is redirected to heat the polished concrete floor, then cooled and returned to the distilling process, eliminating wastage, and earning green credentials.

The whole complex has a quality look and feel about it that is sure to attract hordes of visitors and add a respectful 21st century style to a heritage-focused town.

Find Innovation and Exceptional Spirits at Callington Mill Distillery

 Amazing Craftsmanship and Historic Charm

Incredible Architecture of Callington Mill Distillery

Town of Oatlands Tasmania

There is a beautiful restaurant and tasting room. Tours will be open from Wednesday to Sunday, 10:00am to 4:00pm. Callington Mill Distillery | Facebook

Images courtesy Callington Mill Distillery and Rob Burnett Photography

Content courtesy Julia Jabour

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