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Multi award-winning hosted accommodation in Hobart, Tasmania

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Meet Michael & Diane

Michael and Diane, the proud hosts at Oceana B&B, are deeply dedicated to ensuring an extraordinary stay for every visitor. Our meticulous attention to

subtle details sets us apart, turning your vacation into an array of cherished moments.

Oceana B&B - Hosted Accomodation on Hobart's Easter Shore

The hallmark of Oceana B&B lies in the individualised care we infuse into every guest interaction. Depending on your desires — whether it's a serene hideaway or an exhilarating escapade — we are ever-prepared to tailor and elevate your Tasmanian experience.


Through the years, we've welcomed countless esteemed guests who have relished the homely ambiance we offer.  Their joyous experiences and precious memories made at our abode bear witness to the passion we pour into Oceana B&B.  And now, we're eager to extend this same warmth to you.


Tasmania has an abundance of wonders waiting for you, and we're thrilled to be your guides.  With Michael and Diane as your hosts, your stay promises to be more than just a vacation; it'll be an unforgettable expedition.  The only question left is - when will we have the pleasure of greeting you?

Our Story

In 1890, Willie Chung Sing arrived in Tasmania from China. Like the hundreds of his countrymen who found their way to the tin fields of Northeast Tasmania, Willie came prepared to work and to hopefully make his fortune. When the work dried up in Derby he moved south to Hobart and started to grow vegetables.


Willie's sons began running a market garden.  During the Second World War Willie’s descendants established a fruit and vegetable business W Chung Sing in Hobart.  The family also opened Tasmania’s first Chinese restaurant, the Golden Dragon in 1956.  The Chung family’s business grew to become the major supplier of fruit and vegetables in Hobart and beyond.


The businesses stayed in the family for three generations until the retirement of Willie’s grandson Michael Chung.  Michael, like his grandfather before him, felt a yearning to do more after his retirement.  His familiarity with the local hospitality industry, coupled with the unused ground floor suite of his home in Howrah, presented an opportunity.


Michael and his wife Diane had an idea; a desire to create the best small bed and breakfast accommodation in Australia. Through grit and determination, they spent months planning, learning and challenging themselves to refine their enterprise, and today, Oceana B&B is an award-winning accommodation and is recognised for its warm and uniquely curated guest experience.

Oceana B&B is committed to Responsible Tourism and is underpinned by the following

  • Environmental Sustainability

  • Social Responsibilities

  • Economic Responsibilities

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