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"Join us in our commitment to Earth at Oceana B&B. Nestled in the picturesque Howrah, sustainability is woven into our operations. This ensures that your stay not only offers comfort but also respects our planet. From energy-efficient practices, electric vehicle charging, to eco-conscious amenities, our B&B is a symbol of green living. Our Eco-Star Accreditation reflects our dedication to an eco-friendly future. Explore our sustainability journey and become a part of the change when you stay with us."

Our Sustainability Commitment


At Oceana Bed and Breakfast (B&B), we are deeply committed to sustainable practices.  Our mission is to ensure our business supports a healthier planet for generations to come.  We are fully conscious of the importance of preserving natural resources and the impact our operations could have on the environment.

Our approach to sustainability begins with energy-efficient measures throughout our property.  All lighting in our B&B is LED, significantly reducing energy consumption compared to traditional lighting solutions.  Our appliances carry the Energy Star rating, further minimising energy use.

We have also introduced a comprehensive recycling program.  Guests are encouraged to separate their waste into recyclable and non-recyclable items.  In our kitchen, food waste is composted and used to enrich our organic vegetable garden.  The fresh, local produce and organically grown edible flowers and garnishes from this garden help us serve delightful breakfasts, whilst simultaneously reducing our contribution to landfills.

In our efforts to conserve water, we've equipped our B&B with low-flow toilets and showerheads.  These measures significantly reduce water usage without impacting our guests' experience.  Our efforts are further complemented using solar energy, which lessens our dependency on grid-supplied energy, and our electric vehicle and guest EV charging facility, contributing to a lower carbon footprint.

In our bathrooms, guests will find Beauty and the Bees amenities.  These pure and natural products not only provide an indulgent experience but also align with our commitment to sustainability.  We also provide Who Gives A Crap recycled toilet paper, another testament to our dedication to environmental preservation.

Beyond our environmental efforts, we are also committed to supporting our local community.  We prioritise sourcing our products and services locally, which bolsters local businesses and reduces carbon emissions associated with long-distance transportation.

We're proud of our sustainability initiatives at Oceana B&B and continually strive to improve upon them.  Our guests receive information on our sustainable practices and can view our Emissions Reduction Plan, along with tips on how they can reduce their environmental impact during their stay.  Guests can also choose to offset part of their stay by participating in our Carbon Offset program.  We firmly believe that everyone has a role to play in preserving the environment.

Your stay at Oceana B&B isn't just a memorable experience; it's a commitment to sustainable practices that contribute to a greener planet. Thank you for choosing us and supporting our dedication to environmental responsibility.

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