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Do you love a road trip?

Updated: Jan 23

Tasmania is a small island, making it the perfect place to get behind the wheel and explore its beautiful landscapes at your own pace.

Amazing Driving Experience

There are many short driving routes dotted across Tasmania, but if you have a week or more then you are going to love experiencing your very own Lap of Tasmania! 1,500km of pure driving pleasure taking you to Tassie's iconic sights and attractions all around the island – a Lap of Tasmania road trip is your chance to escape, relax, and reconnect.

Tasmanian Road Trip

The Lap of Tasmania website, together with its friendly community on Facebook, is the ideal resource for planning your road trip itinerary - and it is completely free! Local resident and avid road tripper Andrew has created a range of practical, easy-to-follow guides, itineraries and other articles that will not only take you step-by-step through the planning process, but also provide the opportunity for you to share your travel stories, tips, and photos with other travellers. Whether it is a slow journey of exploration, a luxury indulgence with no expense spared, or a road trip full of excitement and outdoor adventures, this iconic Tasmanian road trip has something for your style of travel.

Lap of Tasmania

Grey nomads in search of tranquility, couples seeking romance, executives escaping from the business hustle, and mums and dads wanting to inspire a sense of adventure in their children. No matter who you are or where you come from, memories of your Lap of Tasmania will last a lifetime. Drop by the Lap of Tasmania website, or the Lap of Tasmania Facebook group today, and see how easy it is to start planning your own unique Tassie road trip!T

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