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Feel spoilt at Oceana B&B with the Beauty and the Bees amenities.

Updated: Jan 23

Tasmania's Local Products

Oceana B&B are working towards a more sustainable approach to hosted accommodation, and are excited to introduce the latest addition, Beauty and the Bees. This Tasmanian brand has a vast range that spans across shampoo and conditioner bars, soap, body, and face moisturisers, exfoliators, and much more. The Beauty and The Bees products are nutrient-rich, made from fruits, berries, seaweed, hops, olive oil, honey, and herbs. The eco-friendly hair and skin care products have their ingredients sourced from apiaries, beaches, dairies, forests, and farms. The hero ingredient is the Leatherwood honey and beeswax that can only be found in Tasmania. This eco-friendly hair and skincare brand has been a welcomed addition to Oceana B&B. It has helped us in minimising our environmental waste of single-use plastics in traditional bathroom amenities. Our amenities include the luxurious shampoo, conditioner, and soap.

Quality and Uniqueness of Products of Oceana B & B

An amazing invention by Beauty and the Bees is their ‘Luxury Skin and Hair Sampler.’ The Luxury Sampler is all about sustainability while you travel. The 4-part pack comes with shampoo, conditioner, body soap, and moisturiser; the aim is to bring your luxury pack with you to your stay to replace the inevitable plastic packaging. Beauty and the Bees state that “each sampler prevents at least 12 mini plastic bottles from ending up on beaches,” and that to us is something worth thinking about. We are offering the Luxury Skin and Hair Sampler for purchase at Oceana B&B.

Beauty and the Bee Skin Care

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