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Oceana B&B partners with Walk on kunanyi

Updated: Jan 23

Oceana B&B has partnered with Walk on kunanyi to provide our guests with the opportunity to explore and enjoy kunanyi/Mount Wellington.

Kunanyi / Mount Wellington Hobart

Walk on kunanyi offers small group guided day walks that explore Hobart's iconic kunanyi / Mount Wellington. In the care of experienced local guides you’ll navigate the web of trails, listen to a mountain of stories and take in the epic views. We have walks for all abilities that are fully catered and include transport.

The two most popular tours are the easy half day tour 'In Darwin's Footsteps' and the challenging full day walk from Sea to Summit, which touches the water at the start of the day and climbs 1271 meters to the pinnacle before descending via bus.

Contact us for information:

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